Sunday, December 07, 2014

Memorial Jewelry

As a bereaved mother of both a full-term stillborn daughter and now of a miscarried baby, I know just how hard it is to find thoughtful and subtle ways to memorialize your lost loved ones. I'm always torn between wanting to share and not wanting to make a spectacle of either us or Haven. It's just another juggling act, one of many in which bereaved parents find themselves. It is difficult to know how to remember our miscarried baby, because hardly anyone knew we were pregnant. In the world of pregnancy and baby loss, it is a struggle to feel legitimate and heard when your loss doesn't usually seem real to many others. I grasp any opportunity I get to tell our story and remember our daughter (and now this little lost baby) with respect and dignity.

I discovered last week that my friend, Kat Grace, sells customizable jewelry for a company called South Hill Designs. I was admiring the photos she posted on facebook and was surprised when she private messaged me and offered to purchase a locket for me in Haven's memory. I was blown away by her kindness and really excited, as the lockets, which are the main seller, are gorgeous and perfect for memorial jewelry (though they can be used for whatever purpose you design them for).

Just one possible combination of many.
I thought immediately of all of the others who are looking for a beautiful way to memorialize their lost babes. I am sharing about this here because I figured it might be an easy way to benefit some grieving parents and to benefit my kind friend at the same time.

Mine will be a large round silver tone locket (no crystals) with a tree of life background screen, a February birth stone for Haven, a November stone in memory of our recent loss, and a little silver sparrow (click here to read about the significance to me). It is so pretty - I will be sure to post a photo when it arrives. There are a lot of little options that I think would be gorgeous for a memorial piece, including charms like little wings or angels, birth stones, coins that say 'family' or 'love' (I have put forth the suggestion of an 'angel' coin for the loss community). There are also wrist lockets (bracelets in which you can put charms, etc.)

If you are interested, please check out the following links. Kat is very quick to respond and will answer any questions you have. Please be sure to purchase under her profile. 

Her section of the South Hill Designs web page:

Her facebook group:

I love the monogram screens. So pretty!
I really like the oval shaped lockets, but I chose round
because I adored the tree of life screen.
There are so many charm options!
Lots of love to you all.


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Brandi said...

Please note that some of the "out of stock" items will be back in stock soon. They are low due to the impending holidays. :)