Saturday, May 30, 2015

Shark Week in 3...2...1

This cycle, I was the most "unplugged" that I have ever been since we started trying to conceive (TTC). I didn't look at my tracking app other than to log ovulation and to check something for the doctor. I put in a few notes today when I felt familiar (unwelcome) cramping start, but I was a good girl for almost a whole month! I'm proud of myself - gold star! Now to keep up the good habits next month. :)

This will be another short cycle once the Red Lady (aka: Aunt Flo) arrives, but at least within the normal range. I wish my body would straighten itself out and decide what it is doing!

Since we're on the topic of periods, I will share two great period euphemisms that I learned today:

1) The commies are in the funhouse. (Think about it).

2) Shark week. (It slays me).

They're both great. I laughed a great deal when I read them in an email exchange with someone much cleverer than I. What are your favourites? (Seriously, cheer me up - spill!)


MacJo said...

Riding the cotton pony!!! LOL! Thats awesome you did not obsess! GOLD stars for sure!!

Brandi said...

Mac, that made me giggle. :D