Wednesday, January 27, 2016

One Track

I have a one track mind. I pick up projects and pursue them sometimes obsessively, until one day I up and walk away from it all. I have done this more than once with blogs I've started. Terrible, I know. But this time, I did it for one of the best reasons. 

If you hadn't guessed it already, not too long after my last post here, I discovered I was pregnant. I felt very protective in those first weeks and months and just couldn't find the words. When I finally did, I put them somewhere else: in my new blog. You can read it here:

I think a part of the reason I didn't want to write about my pregnancy here is that I knew a lot of my fellow TTC after loss ladies read this blog and I didn't want to cause hurt by being one of those people who suddenly flipped from the trials of the two week window and OPKs to someone who could talk of nothing but their pregnancy, then floated off into the the "rainbow" sunset. Though I was always happy for those mamas who got what they so desired, it stung too, because I wanted so badly to know how it felt to bring home a baby after so much pain. 

I have been thinking that I may combine all of my blogspot blogs into one to keep it all together, but that seems like a task for when I have more time and/or energy (will I ever?). For now, I would be tickled if you felt like following me over at my new blog. And if not, thank you so much for joining me here on my grief and TTC journeys. 

Sending out lots of light and love to you all. 

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