Friday, May 29, 2015


I have struggled for most of my life with some level of anxiety; sometimes minor, sometimes oh-my-God-my-heart-is-going-to-explode-please-just-kill-me-now. It often paralyzes me when I need to take action, and I live in fear of the "what ifs." I have to admit, though, that going through the absolute hell of losing Haven gave me some perspective. A lot of things are much less scary than I thought before. I'm less willing to put up with situations that are not benefiting me or are causing harm, or people who tear down instead of build up. I'm less afraid to risk, because I realize that, other than those I love, the rest of it just doesn't matter all that much.

There are a few situations in my life that are causing me great anxiety at the moment, but today I looked at it all and thought, "I am going to find a way through it, and even if the worst case scenario happens, it will somehow be okay." So I am trying to remember that. I have been through one of the worst worst case scenarios and lived to tell about it. I'm a survivor.


MacJo said...

That is a great attitude! I know it can be hard some times dealing with anxiety I too seem to suffer from it as well. Its so difficult to be rational and see through the situation. I hope the things in your life causing you anxiety resolve themselves soon! Hugs

Brandi said...

Thanks, miss. One of the biggest anxiety producers in my life was eliminated this week! I hope that things continue to get less stressy for me AND for you! :)