Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Good Day (or, The Day I Peed on a Stick and it Was Awesome)

After a few months of trying to conceive (TTC), I wasn't about to get my hopes up. I waited until I was almost a full week late and having obvious symptoms before I busted out the pee-sticks (and I made sure they were the good ones). I was really excited that morning; I had a great plan for telling hubby if I was indeed pregnant.

I had purchased a bottle of consolation wine for myself in case we found out we were not pregnant and I told Danny that, if I was pregnant, it was all his. Well. I woke up at 7:30am, unable to sleep another wink until I found out for sure. I stealthily took a test and, lo and behold, what the TTC world calls a BFP (Big Fat Positive).

Big Fat Positive!
I snuck across the apartment and slipped the bottle of wine into a gift bag, crept into the bedroom, placed it on Danny's nightstand, then slithered under the covers. I was going to wait until he woke up, but when he stirred, I just couldn't wait...

Me: Babe, I have an early birthday gift for you!

Danny: Murphle murph.

Me: It's next to you on the nightstand.

Danny (groping around in the dim light, making contact with the top of the bottle): Whisky. Am I right?

Me: ...just...open it.

Danny: I can open it later.

Me: Gahhh, open it now!

Danny (starting to clue in): Do you have another extra-special birthday gift for me?

Me (sighing): ...yes.

Danny (finally waking up): REALLY?

Me (laughing): YES, you ruiner!

It just so happened that we were planning to spend the day with a friend of ours out in Witless Bay, a nearby town where we once lived. We snapped a few beautiful pictures, had a yummy fish and chips lunch, and headed back to the city feeling great.

October 11: the day we found out we would be parents for the second time.
I'm glad we had such a perfect day, considering the (hopefully) long and daunting pregnancy ahead of us. What an amazing and terrifying feeling it was to realize that we were pregnant again. We were so caught up with actually getting pregnant that, when we finally found out, we were a little in shock.

But October 11 was a good day. This little one deserves to have all the fanfare that his or her big sister had, and that is why this blog exists. I can't wait to welcome this little bean into the world.

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