Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Aftermath

I work for an arts group as an administrator, and I love my job. I do a little of everything, from communications to newsletters to light marketing to basic graphic design to assisting in event picking up 23 pink foam crowns and 300 stickers from the craft store, 'cause princesses! There is always something to do and it is never, ever boring.

Our Winter Presentation was this weekend, and a lot of time and preparation went into helping it all go smoothly. We worked our butts off and it was a success, but now this prego mama is just totally wiped out! A 12 hour work day for normal me would be exhausting, but 12 hours with pregnancy's like someone took my batteries out. Is it vacation yet?!

Check out the Christmas tree I made for one of the numbers!

In other news, "maternity" is now a size, not a clothing category. Ha!

And now, bedtime.

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